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Function adjustment

  • Each function from the creation to the floor have spent a lot of effort, only to bring more surprises to the charm of friends. Due to the new features in the various models of the adaptation will be a certain time difference, did not find a new feature of the charm of friends please be patient.


  • Increase the desktop drag and drop the application's feedback

Set up

  • Added system font bold switch, eyes like it is important (path: "set - personalized - system font bold")
    (Support - sound and vibration - primary key touch feedback) (support PRO 6 / PRO 6s / PRO 6 Plus / MX6 / charm blue E / charm blue X / Charm blue U10 / charm blue U20 / charm blue Max / charm blue Note5 / charm blue 5 / charm blue 5s)


  • Optimize intelligent network switching logic to actively connect to the more powerful Wi-Fi in the current environment


  • Added dice function, play anytime, anywhere


  • Provide cycle timing function, to the point when the short reminder and quickly into the next round of time, keep every minute


  • Added font adjustments, including size, thickness and italics, to help you distinguish sub-key points
  • Optimize editor management, add undo and redo functions, and make it easier to operate
  • Support batch jocking and mobile grouping, orderly management is efficient
  • Repair history contains the picture of the notes can not be synchronized after the normal display of the phenomenon


  • Support horizontal page view details page, quick access to key information
  • Added quick jump function to improve reading speed
  • After the replacement of the mailbox account in time to reduce the login operation
  • Do not disturb the number of times that the message is awake
  • Repair to the point when the phone is in a shutdown state, no signal after the boot phenomenon
  • Resolve the problem of missing content during reply to mail

Problem improvement

  • Thank you for your active use and feedback, the new version has been fixed, but not limited to the following issues, it is strongly recommended to upgrade all the charm, in order to get a better operating experience.


  • Resolve the issue of "high German navigation" notification of interception of the problem of repair notice is deleted after the notice still occupy the location of the phenomenon
  • Fix the Caton phenomenon that occurs in part of the multitask card
  • Repair the system after the time to restart the phone, the baseband after the start of a brief loss of the phenomenon
  • Resolve APE format music settings for the system ringtones will not sound the problem
  • Repair part of the model in the loss of the effect of glass

Phone Guardian

  • Improve the accuracy of power saving mode, after the point automatically shut down


  • Repair in some third-party applications using the system input method can not enter the Chinese phenomenon


  • Repair SMS calls the camera from the professional mode to switch to the front and then switch to macro mode after the abnormal phenomenon
  • Resolve the problem of slow camera interface click camera


  • Optimize the flashback and experience in a particular scene
  • After the new album is fixed, the filtered low-quality photo appears under "Latest"
  • Optimize the phenomenon of automatically returning to the top after deleting the photo at the bottom of the cloud album
  • Adjust the code logic to ensure that no triggering occurs after a third party application call
  • Increase the loading speed of new pictures after editing the picture to improve the preservation of integrity, so that the actual effect of editing and adjust the same time
  • Repair cloud album Select empty folder, modify the menu is still available phenomenon
  • Repair image editing process appears white screen phenomenon
  • Fix image anomalies using gesture rotation, slide preview, and so on during image viewing

Parallel space

  • Repair normal mode, the map shows the phenomenon of privacy album
  • Increase the children's space scene, prohibit the operation of the model to modify the wallpaper
  • Repair of children's space, the desktop icon shows abnormal phenomenon


  • Repair a number of pages repeated multiple Meizu account phenomenon


  • Repair the occasional flashback phenomenon Repair full-screen playback of online video appears black screen phenomenon
  • Solve the headset after playing music lock screen, the volume automatically smaller problem
  • Repair the local video without playing the network, and then play the record disappears
  • Resolve the problem of playing card when playing online video and then playing back the ad
  • Resolve open screen rotation, cross screen into the "My cache" interface abnormal problem
  • Improve the accuracy of the translation display
  • Optimize the progress of video playback, to avoid fast forward operation when the file damage phenomenon
  • Repair full-screen horizontal screen click on the pop-up calendar reminders, the screen has been shown in the loading of the phenomenon
  • Resolve the video when the switch to switch, full screen view of the collection is still showing the previous collection of a collection of the phenomenon


  • Repair the failure of the equalizer

Global search

  • Glide out when exhaled
  • Repair the trip after the trip to set the data does not report the normal phenomenon
  • After repairing a keyword without returning the results, the page has been in the state of loading
  • Optimize search lead word wording, search more accurate

Replacement assistant

  • Repair the transfer of WeChat data, the receiver WeChat disappeared phenomenon

Theme landscaping

  • Repair the "smart wallpaper" to enter the unlock interface after a brief fuzzy phenomenon


A - Firmwares:

Meizu Pro 6 Plus
Meizu Pro 6s
Meizu Pro 6
Meizu Pro 5
Meizu MX4 Pro
Meizu MX6
Meizu MX5
Meizu MX4
Meizu M5 note
Meizu m3 note
Meizu m2 note
Meizu m1 note
Meizu M5s
Meizu m3s
Meizu Max
Meizu X

Y - Firmwares:

Meizu M5
Meizu M3E
Meizu m3
Meizu m2
Meizu U20
Meizu U10
Meizu m1 metal